Good design is informed by asking the right questions. 

We work with our clients before and beyond conventional project stages to ask questions like:

  • how can our 'place' give us more choices for spaces to be together and apart?
  • how can we change our 'place' to accommodate new family members or staff?
  • how can we change our 'place' as we enter a new phase of life or work?
  • what are our organisational / community / family aspirations / vision?
  • what does a gap analysis identify about what we have and where we are?
  • what built environment / urban design does our organisation / community need to meet our strategy and commitments over the coming 20 years?
  • where do we need it? Who do we consult? What has worked elsewhere?
  • has the business case been prepared and approved?
  • what changes to how we approach meeting these goals should be considered?
  • if we are to change our ‘place’, what are we hoping to achieve and for whom?
  • how much might new ‘place’ outcomes cost and how should we procure them to minimise our exposure to risk?
  • now that we have our new ‘place’ - is it doing what we hoped it would? What should we tweak?

Public Realm Lab works closely with our clients and collaborative partners to explore the agreed questions in depth and design thoughtful, useful responses. This may result in:

  • a strategic masterplan for growth
  • property portfolio strategic assessment 
  • cultural change built environment assessment 
  • activity-based working (ABW) re-planning 
  • workforce planning and the built environment
  • a set of design guidelines
  • strategic workspace assessment + enrichment (SWAE)
  • post-occupancy analysis
  • a design for a new space which may involve adaptive reuse