Strategic Workspace Assessment + Enrichment (SWAE)
Agilent Technologies
Spectroscopy Technology + Innovation Centre (STIC)

Status: complete

Strategic Workspace Assessment + Enrichment (SWAE) is a rigorous, evidence-based method for assessing and improving the way workspaces support organisational strategy and culture. 

The STIC building, completed in 2013, was charged with changing the way Research + Development teams worked in order to deliver improvements in innovation, motivation and quality. 

Every aspect of the STIC – the spatial qualities, material selection, detailing, furniture specification, lighting and even ventilation – has been designed to disrupt ‘business as usual’ and provoke innovation. The building is a series of micro-environments for thinking, testing, knowledge sharing and production.


> measures the impact of those design strategies against the original brief

> closes the feedback loop on briefing, design and procurement

> identifies targeted, cost-effective 'tweaks' for continuous improvement

> engages building users in a structured feedback process that clearly demonstrates the value placed on their working environment. 







Peter Bennetts